The Roots of Friendship

“Writing is the time-honored tradition of rolling up your sleeves and selling your soul…for a net loss.”
-Bushrod Sinclair

That said, the writing is going well here in the AZ, or should I say the 520? Anyway, my first TV pilot script is coming along nicely. A novel and two screenplays are on the way. All in all, productivity on many fronts.

I get by with a little help from my….
I would propose that the most beneficial people in our lives are the friends we make along our paths through life. Maybe they’re lifelong friends who knew us back as snotty-nosed peers, or maybe they’re a local barista who always knows your drink (and serves it to you before you’re even at the register) and becomes a part of your unofficial family. These connections are vital. Our long-time friends are the roots that harken to our past.

I recently visited one of my ol’ friends in the Pacific Northwest. From the moment I landed, she and I were yakking and laughing and reminiscing, and that energy and joy didn’t ebb the entire three days I spent with her and her family. We’ve known each other for 36 years. Yep, that’s right, since the 70s. Hard to believe. Our friendship even survived one of my weekend movie recommendations: “Zombeavers”  I made it up by suggesting we watch “Grand Budapest Hotel“, and that seemed to buy me some much-needed good will, at least with her eldest son. He’s one of the most literate young people I know, and anyone who’s almost finished with David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” at the age of 18 is worth knowing. Actually, I should probably have him on speed dial. I’ll have to work on that. I should add that the parmesan/garlic salmon she served up last Friday might have been the best meal I’ve had all year. So, so good!

One thing I tend to have in common with my friends is a love of music. And thanks to Twitter, I discovered Duran Duran will be playing Red Rocks on September 20th. So I/we bought tickets and my friend from the PNW will finally get to visit Red Rocks. Ironically, I purchased tickets to see Florence and the Machine at RR the night before, so it’ll be a great weekend of high-altitude music. For those of you who aren’t familiar:


Back to friends: Our new acquaintances help keep us fresh and in the moment. They engage our curiosity and teach us new things. They tell us about new books, movies, and yes, even music from a new perspective. They don’t know our history, share our background, and they provide new commentary in our lives. Fresh friends. That’s what I’ll call them. And my baristas in Tucson have been just as welcoming as the folks in Gillette who took care of me (possibly at the expense of the other customers), and for that I am grateful. Other than a miscommunication when they thought my name was Drew; they’ve been spot on!

Movie Reviews (Boiled Down)
My rating system:

“See this movie!”  I think that meaning is clear.
“Solid Film”  A well-made, if not totally inspiring film
“Meh”  Well-made movie in a genre that I may or may not care about.
“A Swing and a Miss”  Movies that just don’t click, but are uniquely interesting
“Don’t Bother”  Move along, there are better uses of your time…like doing your taxes.

“Spy” – See this movie!  Hilarious.

“John Wick” See this movie!  Keanu Reeves back on track.

“A Pigeon sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence” See this movie!  Now I need to track down all of Roy Andersson’s feature films and other works. I felt this movie was the closest cinematically to the films I’d like to make. Genius, in my opinion. Here’s the trailer:

“En Bruges”See this movie!  Older film, but how did I miss it to begin with?

“A Deadly Adoption” –  Don’t Bother  I don’t even know what to make of this…

“Jurassic World” – Meh  This movie stayed with me for the better part of 30 minutes after the last dinosaur died.

“Love and Mercy” – See this movie!  Great pic about musical genius, Brian Wilson. John Cusack and Paul Dano are wonderful as younger and older Brian Wilson.

I’ll have another Free Form video ready for July 4th. Until then. Stay cool!

Yours truly,

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